Don’t be a victim of job scams! There are many out there!

Job scams are fake advertised jobs. They are job adverts that seem real to collect people's personal information (to use for identity theft or marketing purposes) or to try to get you to pay for training or services. Job scams are everywhere; you need to be aware and able to spot them.

How to spot a job scam:

  1. Any job that you need to pay for is fake! You should not have to pay for anything, whether it is part of the application process, for training, equipment, etc. Jobs pay you, never the other way around.

  2. Remember, job scams always look real. Do your research - Google the employer and company website. If there is no website or no contact details on the site, take it as a warning sign.

  3. Big companies and businesses will have their own websites and email addresses - it will not be an email address ending with for example. It must have a business address.

  4. Does it sound too good to be true? A high salary offered for low experience? Or focused on selling you the benefits it has to offer? Is the job offered to you immediately? It’s probably a scam.

  5. Does it look professional? Look at the layout - font, wording, colour graphics. It shouldn’t be too colourful or comedic. Job adverts will look professional. Check for errors or mistakes in spelling; the sentence or display structure; grammar; etc.

  6. If you are offered a job without an application or interview, it is not a real job; it’s a scam! No one would hire someone they don’t know or have never met.

Remember always to trust your instincts. If something looks, sounds or feels odd, it‘s probably is a scam. As soon as you spot a fake job, ignore or get rid of it because it could be dangerous spam. Don’t reply to emails or SMSes that could put you at risk!

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