What do you need to enter higher (tertiary) education?
You will need an NQF Level 4 qualification to enter tertiary education. It could be a Matric National Senior Certificate (NSC), an Amended Senior Certificate, or Matric equivalent (NCV 4) qualification.

What impacts your entry into College and University?
Three things determines if you can go to college or university:

1. Your results
A minimum pass only helps you pass matric - it is not good enough to get you into the university of your choice. You will need a Higher Certificate, Diploma or Bachelor pass or endorsement to get into university. However, TVET college requirements are lower. Remember, the better your marks, the more options you have.

2. What you want to study
Every qualification, programme, course and faculty has its own requirements - some need certain subjects or subject combinations with high final marks.

3. Which institution you want to study at
Every college and university decide on their own entry requirements; you will have to check with the institution's Admissions office.

Depending on your qualification and institution of choice, you might need to write and pass an entrance exam or write the National Benchmark Test (NBT). Remember, universities receive thousands of applications. There are more applications, than spaces available - not everyone will get a place at the institution! Students who have done well will be accepted first.

Where to find admission requirements:
You have to contact the institution via telephone, online via their website or check the prospectus of the institution you are interested in.