Past examination papers and their memorandums (memos) are the closest examples to your final exam and one of the best tools to help you study and test your knowledge. Past papers are like the question and answer guides, and will give you a good idea of what to expect in your final exams.

When looking at past papers and memos, take note of the following:

In the question paper, look at:

  • Main topics you will need to focus on.

  • How questions will be asked and how the questions are structured.

  • How many marks each question or section is worth. The topics and questions with the highest marks are the most important information you need to study.

In the memo:

  • How questions are answered.

  • What information is included in the answer - some answers might include a definition, explanation and example.

  • How much each answer is worth.

Remember, exam papers change each year.

  • Download and look through at least 3-5 previous exam papers (e.g., if you are writing this year, download past papers of 2015, 2014, 1013, and so on.)

  • Looking through a few past papers will give you a good indication of what topics and concepts you need to know to pass the subject.

You can find past exams here.

After studying, try doing a past paper as if it’s your final exam. Test yourself! It will show you what work you know and what work you still need to spend more time on studying.