Finding a job is hard, especially when employers are always looking for candidates with experience or proven capability. To add to this, looking for work can cost you 100s of Rands on printing, transport and phone calls. That's where JobStarter can help you.

We focus on getting jobseekers connected to entry-level jobs, learnerships, internships and other work experience opportunities. By completing our assessments on your phone, you can show employers what you are capable of. It also gets you onto our database of opportunity seekers. This is where employers will be looking for you instead!

There is no need to travel to a centre, the assessments can be completed from your phone, wherever you are.

It’s all FREE and here’s how it works:

  1. Sign-up on our website

  2. Complete the assessments: This covers workplace basics, communication and numeracy. There are modules and courses to help you pass the assessment if you need them. The courses also provide some useful tips to help you stand out in an interview and at the workplace. You’ll earn badges for good performance and employers will see this as an indication of your capability.

  3. Complete your profile: This includes contact details, education and training history and any other additional information you would like to add. That’s it! Employers can now find you on our database and contact you for an interview.

We are building relationships and engaging with employers every day to use JobStarter when they have opportunities available.

Sign up today and let employers find you.

JobStarter also provides valuable information about the job market, where the jobs are, different career paths you can take, getting a matric or tertiary qualification. Visit our homepage for more information.