Passing Matric is not easy but you did it!

You have crossed the finish line and are about to start on your new journey. However, what comes next is not going to be the same for everyone. Each person has their own path that they have to walk. Where do you go? University, TVET? Work? For most of us, we quickly learn that most of our options are largely dependent on the ‘chunkura’!(Money)

With the end of matric, this new chapter in your life comes with decisions that will determine the rest of your future. It is scary!

Always remember that it is not a sprint but a marathon. Nothing is set in stone, it is a step-by-step process. For many, the most obvious and immediate option is to continue their education and pursue a degree or diploma. When choosing this option, think carefully because it means you are choosing a particular path that is most likely to impact your career. Making sure that the qualification you are pursuing is worth the money and is in demand is very important.

With that reality also comes the high cost of education fees — which means many aren’t able to get into tertiary without a loan, bursary or any other form of funding.

Whilst most bursaries closed last year, there are still some opportunities for funding that might be available for first years. Read more about available funding here. When thinking about funding, know the kind of funding that is being offered and what that means. There are different funding options that you’ve heard of but they don’t all mean the same things. Read more about the difference between a bursary, scholarship and study loan here.

When it comes to your education and funding, the best advice anyone can share with you is to not be afraid to speak up and ask! Whether it is asking about available funding opportunities or more about your degree get as informed as possible; trying to figure everything out yourself is very challenging, so get into the habit of asking!

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