If you have missed out on your application deadline, you still have a second chance of admission using The Central Application Clearing House Service to find a place at universities, TVETs, private colleges or in learnership programmes.

What is the CACH system?

The Central Application Clearing House Service (CACH) system is a free service developed by the Department of Higher Education and Training to help students find places at universities, TVETs or private colleges as well as learnership opportunities offered by SETAs.

The system matches your Grade 12 results and study preferences with places that are still available at universities, TVETs, private colleges and learnership programmes.

The service, which runs from January to February each year is designed to assist you if you have not been offered a place or are late with registration.

How does it work?

The CACH system receives your Grade 12 examination results directly from the Department of Basic Education using the examination number you provide when registering on the website. Once the system has obtained your results and you have completed your profile on the website, all your information is captured onto a database which universities, TVETs, private colleges and SETAs will be able to access. Institutions that still have space available will contact you directly via email or telephone to offer you a place if you meet all their requirements. The CACH system however, does not guarantee all applicants admission, but it is an option to consider if you have missed your application date or have not been offered a place at any institution.

What do you need to register?

To register on the CACH system you will need to have:

  1. Grade 12 Examination number
  2. South African ID or Passport number
  3. A working email address

How to register

Sign up online at http://cach.dhet.gov.za/Applicant/SignUp

Once you have registered, the Department will send you an email with a verification link, which will allow you to complete your profile.

Universities, TVETs, private colleges, SETAs that have places available in your preferred choice of study will contact you directly if you meet all the requirements, therefore it is important for you to check your emails frequently.

Additional information

  1. If you want to study at a specific institution, you should not apply through CACH but instead contact the institution directly for more information on their application process
  2. CACH cannot assist you if you have already applied to an institution but have not received a response from them. In such a case please contact the institution directly for information regarding the status of your application
  3. The Department cannot guarantee that you will be offered a place after registering on the site
  4. An offer of a place does not automatically guarantee funding, therefore it is your responsibility to find adequate funding for your studies.

For more information contact the CACH call centre on 0860 356 635 or SMS your name and ID number to 49200 and the Department will call you back.