If you are a fresher and entering the prestigious doors of Monash South Africa this year, we got you! Monash South Africa (MSA) is an accredited institute of Higher Education and offers an array of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. We spoke to Lebogang Thobye, PR and Communications officer at Monash who gave us the lowdown on what to expect.

What can a new student expect from Monash that is different from other institutions?

As a Private Higher Education Institution by law, MSA is subject to the same regulations, accreditation requirements and oversight as public universities. Our programmes have full accreditation and are aligned with standards set by the Higher Education Quality Council the Department of Higher Education and Training.

We strive to be constantly adaptable to the needs of the current generation in terms of employability, global relevance and student experience. MSA has two academic faculties: The Faculty of Business, Engineering and Technology, and The Faculty of Social and Health Sciences, as well as a one-year pathway Foundation Programme that articulates into MSA undergraduate degrees.

MSA offers state of the art facilities, and the MSA curriculum is collaboratively designed by academic and industry experts. MSA provides customised articulation pathways that support life-long learning and develops graduates who are innovative problem solvers.

MSA graduates are equipped with the knowledge, competencies and skills to lead change, shape the future, shape industry and shape the world.

Do you accept late applications, if so, how can one go about applying?

Applications are open until the end of February 2019 for the 2019 year. Although there are selected intakes later on in the year for some courses. You can apply and enrol online by following this link: https://www.msa.ac.za/apply_now/

Are any scholarships available? How can one look for assisted funding?

  • MSA offers financial awards which continue for the duration of your course in a form of a scholarship, bursary or foundation enrolment award.

  • Also on offer are various options such as enrolment awards for full-time courses and enrolment awards for part-time MSA Executive Courses programmes. These awards are offered on a once off basis.

  • Visit our site to read more on the financing options and awards: https://www.msa.ac.za/financing-options/

Do you provide help or assistance with students seeking on and off-campus accommodation?

MSA provides limited on-campus student accommodation and is available to enrolled students only. The facilities boast a modern style and offer both the safety and comfort of being in the heart of the campus. Click here, https://www.msa.ac.za/accommodation/ for various accommodation options. There is also private accommodation nearby the campus.

Can students change to a new programme once registered?

Students are able to change to a new programme once registered. However, the Admissions Department will be required to re-assess students before accepting them into a new programme. In addition, the student will also need to meet the requirements of their new programme.

What advice can you give to first years before coming to campus?

  • Your first year of tertiary education is very important and the outcome is equally important. As a significant grounding for your studies, your first year is key to ensuring a successful and fruitful time on campus.

  • Enjoy life on campus, explore our state-of-the-art facilities, make new friends, but most importantly, work hard at your studies.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask your lecturers for advice and assistance when you feel you need it to prevent yourself from falling behind.