So you’ve managed to bag yourself a new job, well done! This is a big deal considering South African youth are amongst the most vulnerable groups in SA’s labour market. According to Statistics South Africa, the unemployment rate among young people (15–34), was 38.2% in the first quarter of 2018; implying that more than one in every three young people in the labour force did not have a job.

For the fourth and final part of our series on recruiter secrets, we want to send you off to the workplace with a winning attitude and drive. So here are some tips on how to succeed at your new place of employment:

Research your industry

While preparing for your interview, you would have done quite a bit of research on your company. Now build on the information you have and start familiarising yourself with your industry. Write down some ideas you might have on how to improve your company’s standing. This will boost your confidence and knowledge, and you will gain favour with your new boss!

Plan your daily commute

There will be already curious eyes around the office on the “newbie”, and arriving late for work is the last thing you want to be known for. On your first day of work, plan to arrive about 15 minutes early. This shows that you are prompt and committed. It will also give you chance to settle in, and say your “hellos” before the day commences.Take down your manager’s office and mobile number should any unforeseen circumstances such as traffic or taxi delays affect your schedule, you are able to alert them.

Get the dress code memo

Work dress code is usually not discussed during an interview. Pop a quick email to HR and find out what the expected office attire should look like. If you’re still unsure, use your first week at the job to observe how your colleagues dress, and from there on you can plan your office dress code accordingly.

Get to know your new co-workers

You will be properly introduced to your colleagues on the first day, but if you want to dig deeper into their professional lives to get a better understanding of their roles and duties, look up them up on LinkedIn. And since you’ve stalked them on the platform, ask to connect with them so they are not weirded out by your curiosity.