Did you not qualify to write the supplementary examinations? Did you fail 3 or more subjects? Is your matric results too low to enter university?

The easiest way to improve your marks and get your matric certificate is to repeat your matric year. You now know what to expect and you are better prepared for it. You made it this far, don’t quit now.

How to repeat your matric year?
You can go back to high school. Contact and ask your high school what your enrolment options are, some high schools:

  • Will re-accept you as a private student, where you will be an independent learner with no teacher or classes to attend, but receive guided course work. This is because few schools allow students to re-do their full matric year.
  • or they can transfer you to another high school
Go to a college or accredited private institution, if:
  • You are unable or unwilling to return to high school
  • Your overall Matric results were too low to enter university
  • You only want to repeat some Matric subjects you failed
  • You want to improve specific Matric subjects
  • You want to complete your Matric certificate
  • You want to re-do the year by attending classes full-time, work and study part-time, or do distance learning through self-study
This is not the end of the road. There are many paths and options. You should also consider alternative options to matric. Read more about NATED, NCV programmes and learnerships.