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Learnerships are a great way to get a nationally recognised occupational certificate while working and earning a stipend. You will spend 30% of your time in class and 70% in the workplace. If you are aged 16 to 35 and currently unemployed, a learnership is a good way to further your career. Depending on the learnership, you will get an occupational certificate at an NQF Level 1 to 6. You will also gain practical work experience and references that will help you find work in the future. A learnership usually takes 12 or 24 months. There are many different learnership opportunities offered by the SETAs, the SETAs offering the most learnerships are LGSETA, CHISETA, BANKSETA. Check out all the SETA opportunities that are available here.

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Did you know there are many ways to get qualified while learning on the job and getting paid? JobStarter can help connect you find the right earn-while-you-learn opportunity for you. Learn more about the different types of earn-while-you-learn opportunities available on JobStarter here.

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