In today's fast-paced digital world, every sector — from accounting, right down to tourism — is connected and communicating through computer systems.

Computers provide better ways and systems for employees to do their jobs more accurately, and in a less strenuous fashion. Computers are at the heart of most, if not, all businesses in the job market. And as a jobseeker, computer literacy is a commodity you can’t afford to be without.

Being computer literate means you have an understanding, and are able to operate a computer. Although training may be provided , most employers are expecting you to have the basic computer skills.

Here are five basic computer skills you will need know OR practise:

1. Computer components and parts, and what they are and what they do.

  • Such as: hardware, software, hard drive, desktop, memory, wifi/wireless, modem, router, etc:

2. Operational tasks

  • How to switch a computer on and off

  • Opening, closing and minimizing files and windows

  • Are you able to open, save, cut, copy, move, paste and print files?

3. Browse the Internet
  • How to find information, engines

  • Opening and closing a browser or tab

  • How to bookmark

4. Email
  • How to create and send emails

  • How to add an attachment to an email

  • How to spell check

  • How to access your emails differently, for example, via the web, Outlook, Mail, etc.

5. Microsoft Office

  • Word - How to open, create, and save a document

  • How to perform a spell check, create a table, insert a graphic/image
  • Basic formatting - bold, italics, underline, paragraph options, indent and spacing options


  • How to open, create, work on, read, and save a spreadsheet
  • How to use formulas, references and macros


  • How to create a Powerpoint presentation


  • How to check, create and send emails

Remember: Practise makes perfect! If you have access to a computer, spend some time clicking through the different programmes to get a feel of what each programme is capable of. If there is something you don’t understand, Google it, there are tons videos and tutorials of how to do just about anything!

Lastly, make mention of your computer literacy in your CV, and brag about your ability to operate different software programmes such as Word, Excel, Skype, Dropbox, etc.

Image credit: T. Al Nakib