Your education and training history is your academic background and any skills training you received. In this section of your CV, be sure to include your school and/or college or university history and any relevant programmes or training courses you may have done.

List the most recent qualifications first. Add any of the following:

  • College or higher education qualifications (e.g. certificate, diploma, degree);

  • Post-school training certificates (such as short courses or learnerships) and

  • Your high school information, include:

    • Highest grade passed

    • The subjects you took

For each qualification mentioned, include the following information:

  • Name of the institution (Where you went to school or studied)

  • Years you enrolled (The date when you started to when you ended)

  • Qualification (certificates, diplomas or degrees) you received (include incomplete courses as well but indicate them clearly)

For Example:

College of Cape Town
2012 - 2013
Certificate in Business Management


2009 - 2013
Woodlands High School
Grade 12
English, Afrikaans, Life Orientation, Mathematical Literacy, Business, Economics and Tourism

There are different ways to display your information. Choose one that you prefer, just ensure you include all relevant details.

Remember to include the most recent and relevant information first. You do not have to add your primary school details (unless it is your most recent academic information). Employers are specifically interested in what you’ve been doing in the last five years.

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