Your chances of achieving your career goals are much higher if you have a Matric or equivalent certificate.

What is a Matric certificate?

A Matric certificate is also known as the National Senior Certificate (NSC) or Grade 12 certificate, which is at Level 4 on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF). You can complete an NSC at a public or private high school or college.

What is a Matric equivalent certificate?

Any senior, vocational or NATED certificate ranked at Level 4 on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) is equal to a Matric certificate. This includes:

  • all N3 certificates if 2 language subjects were taken as part of the programme
  • all NCV4 certificates

You can complete an N3 (NATED) certificate or an NCV4 (National Certificate: Vocational) at a public or private college or training centre.

Why is a Matric or equivalent important?

A Matric certificate or equivalent is your entry ticket into further education and the job market. Without a Matric, your options of finding work after school are limited. You will have to find an entry-level job as a general or unskilled worker, and try to work your way up into a better position. Finding a good entry-level job that provides you with the opportunity to grow, may be harder to find if you do not have a Matric. For most jobs, the minimum requirement is a Matric or equivalent certificate.

Just passing Matric is better than no Matric. But a good Matric will open doors to all sorts of opportunities, whether it is tertiary education, training or a job. You will have the choice to choose from a variety of options.

Why do employers value the Matric certificate?

Employers see the NQF Level 4 certificate as proof that you have the necessary literacy and numeracy skills to do certain jobs. Hiring managers use the certificate to filter out candidates that cannot prove their competencies.

How does a Matric or equivalent certificate help you in the future?

  • Most entry-level jobs require you to have a Matric certificate.

  • With the right marks, you can apply to university or college.

  • With a Matric certificate, you have more options available to you in the future. Such as:

    • Many courses and programme options

    • Training opportunities

    • Youth development programmes

Do your Matric results matter?

Yes, your Matric results will affect what you can do after Matric. It will not only help you get into the college or university programme of your choice, but it will also help you gain access to funding opportunities (such as bursaries and scholarships).

How you decide to complete Matric qualification is up to you. The important thing is that you finish your schooling career with your NQF Level 4 qualification. Choose a pathway that suits you, and that will kick-start your career and help you find the type of job you want. Completing your Matric is the best way to gain access to career opportunities that can lead you to your dream job or qualification.