The supplementary exam is your opportunity to re-write the exam/s you failed. To do so, you need to register immediately after receiving your results. Supplementary examinations take place in February each year.

You have to register at the Provincial Department of Education for each subject you want to re-write.

You can apply to register to rewrite, if:

  • You failed a maximum of 2 subjects or less
  • You missed your exam or you did not finish your exam because:
  • You were sick [medical reason] - and you have a medical certificate or doctor’s note
  • You had a serious personal issue, like the death of a family member – and you have a copy of the death certificate
  • You cannot get into the university or college programme of your choice because you did not meet the admission requirements by 1 subject’s results.

To apply, you will need the following:

From your school:
  • Your school should provide you with an advisory slip when you receive your matric results that tell you if you qualify to rewrite or not. Not everyone who applies can write, so check with your school if you do qualify
  • Your SBA (School Based Assessment) or CASS certificate showing that the results are valid for 3 to 5 years minimum
  • Your matric results confirming the results of the subject/s you wish to re-write.

What you have to provide:
  • A letter explaining why you want to write a supplementary exam/s
  • Your exam number
  • Your identity document or birth certificate
  • A completed and signed Supplementary Exam Registration form

You have to apply in January to write the supplementary exam between February and March. You can expect your results by end of April or the beginning of May

Examination Fee: Check with your school, some schools pay no fees.