Our online learning was designed with you in mind and will provide you with some tips and tricks, to get you ready for the world of work. We spoke to many businesses to develop our online learning. You will learn more about what qualities employers are looking for, build your knowledge of the workplace and sharpen your skills to impress a future employer in your next interview.

We are constantly in touch with employers about work and work experience opportunities, offering our database of candidates for employers to interview. To join our database, you will have to register and complete our online learning and assessments. Employers will be able to view your profile and see the learning you have completed, showing them that you are ready to work.

We currently cover three areas:
Introduction to the Workplace
Communication for the Workplace
Numeracy for the Workplace

What does it cost?
We will never charge you for our online learning or services. However, you are using the data on your phone while on our website. We have tried our best to keep the data usage as low as possible. It will only take 17MB to complete all our compulsory modules.

Is the learning accredited?
No. The learning was developed by asking employers what they are looking for when they are hiring. Our learning signals employers that you are keen and ready to work.

What are the benefits of doing our online learning?
By completing our free online learning, you will sharpen your skills and develop qualities that employers are looking for. You will be entered into our database, for future opportunities, once you have completed the 3 compulsory areas.

How will JobStarter connect me to opportunities?
Employers are able to log in to our website and search for candidates when they have an opportunity or job opening.

Am I guaranteed a job?
Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee anyone a job. We rely on employers to log in and pull candidates from our system.

What type of opportunities is on JobStarter?
JobStarter does not advertise opportunities. When an employer has a job, learnership, internship or other opportunities available, they will log in to pull candidates from our database.

How will I be notified about opportunities?
Employers will connect with you when they have opportunities available. You will be notified by SMS, email or phone when they want to speak to interview you. Please make sure that your contact details are always up-to-date.

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