The job seeking process can be a rollercoaster of emotions. From the high of receiving just one invite to attend a job interview; this after sending out a dozen CVs to different companies — to the disappointing low of not getting the job.

You’re bound to feel frustrated and unmotivated about the struggles of your job search, like many others that are going through the same situation.

Fortunately, #JobAdviceSA, might bring some light into your frustration. Every Monday, from 16:00 —17:00, South African professionals freely drop some wisdom on how to cope when the going gets tough. The hashtag is hosted by @JobAdviceSA, and all you have to do is click on the hashtag, and take it all in.

We've gathered some relatable and useful tweets from jobseekers engaging on the #JobAdviceSA platform. Here are some of the best job advice tweets from @JobAdviceSA:

Tweets on what you should consider before job hunting:

  • “ First find out what you are great at. Figure out your own strengths and weaknesses. Compile a profile and Unique Selling point #USP so that you can sell yourself well. Find companies that you would like to work at, and make a list of those,” — @YConnect_biz

  • “It’s important to understand which industries in South Africa are experiencing growth and which jobs are in demand. Then you can begin to match your skills and interests to those jobs”. Doing this can help you speed up your job search”, says #JobStarterSA

Tweets on the right way to get a recruiter’s attention:

  • “A detailed and professional email is key, call after to ask if your CV has been received and check if they need anything more or if they have advice for you. Stay away from colour and tables on your CV. Keep it clean. Write in full & don't send blank emails,” — @TBS_Corp

  • “Always make your communication personal and authentic. You may be applying for multiple jobs, but treat each with care. If you email your CV with no subject line and no message / cover letter, you will be ignored. Make a good first impression last,” — @JOBlifeZa

Tweets on how to prevent getting scammed through fake job posts:

Hopefully all of the above mentioned information will help you further in your job seeking journey.

You’re never alone in this struggle, especially on Mondays! Follow @JobAdviceSA, and soak in all the advice you can.