To be eligible to work in the engineering field, you need good maths and science skills. The selection of maths and science in high school will form a good foundation for a science qualification to study at a university or college. It will also broaden your choice in the science field.

What do the tasks and duties of an engineer entail?

The roles of an Engineer is to design materials, components, systems or processes. They do so through planning the capacity and locations of infrastructures. They also investigate, advise and report on engineering, mathematical and scientific problems. Engineering involves improving materials, systems and components. They manage implementation and construction projects by applying designs and solutions.

If you have an excellent aptitude for math and science and consider doing a course in science here's what you need to know first about the qualification.

The Course: Do you qualify?

The basic requirements for a Bachelor of Science in Engineering course are as follows:

  • You must have a minimum requirement of a C symbol (level 5) in English HL/ Add Lang

  • A C symbol (level 5) in Mathematics

  • A C symbol (level 5) in Physical Science.

The basic requirements for a Diploma or BTech Degree in Engineering are as follows:

  • You must have a D symbol (level 4) for English HL, Mathematics and Physical Science.

The University of Pretoria offers a four (4)year BEng degree in the field of engineering study(mechanical, electrical, mining, metallurgical).

Wits University also offers a 4 year Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree.

Damelin College offers a part-time National Diploma in Engineering for 4 years. The entry requirements are as follows :

  • N2 National Certificate

  • You must have completed your Grade 11

  • NSC (Maths or Maths Literacy required)

Are there bursaries available in the industry?

Anglo American Platinum Bursary Scheme South Africa offers bursaries to students who are studying in the engineering field. The scholarship scheme is initiated with the aim of helping students gain the essential skills they need to qualify working in a company and mining sector.

The requirements for the bursary include:

  • You must be registered at a University of Technology

  • You must have a minimum of 60% in Mathematics and Physical Science

Hatch Bursary Programme also offers bursaries to students who are interested in developing an Engineering Career in the consulting field.

The requirements for the bursary include:

  • You must be studying Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Civil, Structural or Mechatronics Engineering.

  • You must have a minimum academic average of 65%.

  • You must be a 2nd or final year

Before you go any further, find out if a career in engineering is for you...

Is this right job for you?

Engineers work consists of designing materials, components, systems or processes, so it is vital to have excellent math skills, understanding algorithms, solving equations and working out calculations. You must understand mechanical systems and the relationships between parts is a good foundation for engineers. You also need excellent interpersonal skills as they typically spend a lot of time working on teams in the context of a project.

In addition to your education and an aptitude for math and science, you also need specific soft skills or personal qualities, to succeed in this career. You must be able to use logic when testing products and be able to incorporate new findings into your work. An engineer must have a strong desire for organisation and efficiency, creative problem solving and technical competency.

How many people are employed after taking this course?

The engineering field of study is a broad field with many opportunities, with acquired experience and excellent academic marks, students tend to get employed after studying the qualification.

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