Signing contracts can be a very daunting experience especially if it's your first time. At some point, you would have completed your application and have received your confirmation for funding. If you’re a first-time NSFAS beneficiary and are wondering what all of these T&Cs you are about to sign mean, we’ve got your back!

An SOP (Schedule of Particulars) is signed by bursary or TVET students, while a LAF (Loan Agreement Form) is signed by university students. Both these contracts are important to understand and sign, as they are binding contracts with NSFAS.

What you are signing is the acknowledgment of the money you will receive, and that you will pay NSFAS back at the end of your studies. These contracts must be signed within 30 days after registration, or NSFAS reserves the right to withdraw your approved loan or bursary

You can sign your LAF or SOP online in three easy steps:

  • Check your inbox, you will receive an email with a link to sign online, click on the link to proceed
  • After inserting your ID number, you will receive a One Time Pin (OTP) through an SMS to your registered cell phone number.
  • Type in the received OTP to continue with the signing of the agreement.

After these steps are successfully completed, you will receive a notification of your submission. This means you have successfully signed your NSFAS bursary agreement. If you are a minor under the age of 18 at the time your LAF or SOP is ready to be signed online, then your legal guardian or parent will receive the OTP and will have to follow the steps to sign.