Do you feel you did better in your exam than what your results reflect? Do you feel as if your exam was unfairly marked?

Registration can be done at either the school or district office in the province (all instructions appear on the reverse side of the Statement of Results).

If you are concerned about your exam results, here are your options:

  • Remark - your entire exam will be marked again. After remarking your exam, your new mark will be your final mark (whether it is higher or lower than before)
  • Re-check - your exam will be checked to make sure that all the sections and questions were marked, and marks were added correctly for all sections. They will not check if your answers were correct and if the correct amounts were given, they will simply check to see if everything was marked and calculated correctly.
  • View - you can see your exam paper
Be absolutely sure before you decide to remark or re-check your exam/s, the new mark will be the final mark printed on your certificate.

How to do it?

  • You need to apply immediately after receiving your results to have your exam remarked, re-checked or to view it.
  • Your application will be accepted only if you failed to get 40% for a subject to matriculate or if a bursary is at stake.
To Apply:
  • Register at the Provincial Department of Education
  • Application forms are available at schools and examination centres
  • Deadline is usually early January
  • For more information and deadlines, go to
How much will it cost?
  • To remark - R98
  • To re-check - R23
  • To view your paper – R192
  • Viewing of scripts may only be done after a re-mark or re-check of results. The closing date for applications is 7 days after release of re-mark or re-check results.
You don’t have to pay if:
  • You go to a no-fee school
  • Your parent/guardian had applied and was granted a reduction or discount on the payment of your school fees
Getting your exam remarked, rechecked or asking to view your exam/s is your first options when you are concerned about your results. However, if you failed an exam or two and would like the opportunity to rewrite it, consider the supplementary exam as the next step.