What are references?

References are people who can confirm what you say on your CV. They are people who potential employers can contact to find out if you are who you say you are and to check if you did what you say you did. References give potential employers positive feedback on you and your previous work.

Who can you include as your reference?

  • References are your previous employers.
  • If you don't have a previous employer, you can ask a teacher, professor, mentor or coach to be your reference.
  • Your reference cannot be a family member.

For each reference you include, add the following information:

  • Full name of reference (Name and surname)
  • Role or position (Job title)
  • Institution or company
  • Contact details (Phone number and email address)
For example:
Mandy Martin
Cape Town High School
Cell: xxx xxx xxx
Email: xxx @ xxx

You should include at least 2-3 references in your CV. Be sure to add people you know will give potential employers good, positive feedback on your behalf. Also, make sure that you ask your references if you can include them in your CV.

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