Your win is a also the recruiter’s win. Our four-part series focuses on how to have a great relationship with recruiters, because when you put yourself in their shoes, you will know just how pressured the job of finding the right candidate really is.

Before applying for a position, here are tips that will put you in good standing with a recruiter:

Give thought to the job advertisement

You see a job advert that matches your qualifications and interests, you immediately copy the HR officer’s email address, paste unto a new email, attach your CV and draft few pleasantries in the body of the email, and hit send; right?

Now imagine how many applications with profiles similar to yours the recruiter receives. In a country whose unemployment rate is sky-high, your application will NOT to stand out.

Here are some tips of how you can create a competitive and unique job application.

  • If, for example the specified job requires you work with children, make mention of your experience with working with children, it could be as simple as mention the fact that you are a parent or have had experience working with and minding children.
  • When applying for an office assistant job, and some of the requirements are for example: “Capable of multi-tasking and have excellent organisational and time management skills;” and “Excellent attention to detail,” top skills — think of some of your skills or qualities that specifically match the employers requirements as per the advertisement.. Then go back and amend those skills and qualities on your CV. Make sure to explain how the skills or qualities developed helped you perform well at your job, and add good examples of what you have achieved as a result.

Note: Recruiters will normally do background checks make sure the information is accurate and truthful.

Do an audit of your social media

The internet never forgets! Before applying for any job, make sure you are a suitable candidate on your social media platforms because that’s the first place HR and other potential employers search for you.

So before hitting “send” on an email to a recruiter; double-check these:

  • Remember those wild party pictures posted all over social media? Time to remove or untag yourself from any less than flattering images.
  • Clean up your timeline. The general rule is: if you wouldn’t say it to your mother, then you shouldn’t post it. So if you’ve insulted a “”Belieber”, or you have Penny Sparrow’d anyone, then it’s best to delete!
  • Change any unprofessional usernames or email addresses. If your Instagram handle is “@sexyNoxie”, rather change it to “@NosiphoN. And if your email address is, rather open a new, professional one with your birth name and surname.
  • If you’re active on LinkedIn, update your profile and experience to match your CV.

Lastly, if you are struggling with the jobseeking process, you’re not alone. Read this article on how to look for a job if you need more guidance. Also, sign-up, complete our work-readiness assessments and become part of our database so potential employers can find you on our employers portal.

Image credit: Christopherap